New Orleans Auto Shipping

New Orleans is a city located in the US state of Louisiana; it is also one of the few cities in the entire state that serves as its own parish (New Orleans has parishes, not counties). New Orleans has had a long history of Cajun influence, which can clearly be seen in their celebration of such holidays as Mardi Gras and their amazing food. It is now a major port town on the Gulf of Mexico.

New Orleans was founded as a small trading area along the Mississippi River; due to its location it became a major trading port along the Gulf of Mexico, and during the late 18th and early 19th centuries the slave trade flourished. During the American Civil War the city served as the main supplier for Confederate forces during the Union blockade of southern ports. Today, the city has moved away from agriculture and manufacturing, drawing in major high-tech industries as well as tourism.

New Orleans is a humid city, there’s no getting around it – during the summer months, temperatures often get pushed into the high 90’s, with humidity forcing the temperatures even into the 100’s on some days; overnight, things tend to cool down, with average lows dropping down into the mid 60’s. During the winter, however, high temperatures average in the mid 60’s during the day with overnight lows often dropping into the low 50’s.

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