Oklahoma City Auto Shipping

Oklahoma City is a city located in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, so saying it is also the county seat of the county might be a bit redundant, but there you have it. According to the last official US Census, which was conducted in 2000, the population of the city was over 537,000 residents, making it the 31st largest city in the United States. Oklahoma City is also the main city in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has an aggregate population of over one million residents. Despite its being the county seat of Oklahoma County, the city lies in four different counties due to its growth in recent years: Pottawatomie, Canadian, Cleveland and Oklahoma Counties.

Oklahoma City was founded in 1889 directly after the Oklahoma Land Run. Nearly 10,000 residents laid claims in the area that would become downtown Oklahoma City, and after a week after the land run was completed the number doubled to 20,000. Oklahoma City grew incredibly fast, especially after oil was discovered underneath the city; it quickly grew into a major player in the oil industry and at one time during the 20th century was the number one distributor of American oil.

During the summer months the average daily highs in the city reach about 90 degrees during the day, but rarely do the temperatures break 100. During the night, however, temperatures drop rapidly, with average lows dropping into the low 70’s, while in winter, daily highs only reach into the high 40’s and low dropping into the mid 20’s overnight.

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