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Nebraska is a huge state, that’s for sure, and whether you’re looking to simply visit there or to actually move there, we can help you get there. Read on about the great state, and you can decide at the end if auto shipping to Nebraska is right for you.

The state is cut into two distinct regions right off the bat: the Dissected Till Plains and the Great Plains. Now, the Dissected Till Plains are primarily in the eastern half of the state, and their formation is actually pretty interesting: a few hundred thousand years ago, back when most of North America was still reeling during an ice age, a massive glacier made its way through what would become known as the Dissected Till Plains, carving a path into the ground and creating the flat area that we know today. On the other side of the state is the Great Plains, which flow beautifully into the rest of the Great Plains of the United States. These two regions are distinct in their own right, despite both being called “plains.” First off, the Dissected Till Plains hold most of the state’s farms, while the Great Plains is home to more of the larger cities in the area; more urban than rural, in other words.

Both of these regions have their own unique climates, despite being in the same state; as they say, however, Mother Nature bows to no man. In the Dissected Till Plains, the weather is typically hot and humid. Summers are warm and humid, with high temperatures often hitting into the upper 80’s and lows dropping into the 60’s. Winters, however, are brutal, with highs barely getting above freezing and lows often dropping into the teens.

On the other side of the state, however things are a bit worse, believe it or not. Summers are warm but not hot, with highs hitting in the mid 80’s and lows dropping into the mid 60’s, but winter is where the real problem lies. Cold temperatures are all too common once November rolls around, and snow fall is much more common on the western part. Also, tornadoes make an appearance more on the western side of the state, with more recorded tornadoes in the past 50 years than any other state in the Union.

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