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We’re just going to jump right in here. North Dakota is located almost at the top of the United States – even more so considering that its northern border actually borders Canada. To the west, however, lies the great state of Montana, while Minnesota lies to the east and, predictably, South Dakota lies to the south. Besides its borders, the geography of North Dakota is…well…flat, for lack of a better word. It is the home of both the Missouri Plateau and the Drift Prairie, and while the Turtle Mountains also call the state home, they are a minor rise in the overall plains that make up North Dakota.

North Dakota also has what can only be described as the typical continental climate. In other words, it’s too far away from any lakes or oceans for them to have an effect on the weather and the lack of mountains in the state also allow the weather to wreak its full wrath on the state. During the summer months the heat can get extremely hot – upwards of 100 degrees during the day, while lows in the summer months can be humid yet cool. During the winter, snow is incredibly common, with highs barely getting into the 40’s and lows often well below freezing.

Speaking of harsh weather, thunderstorms are incredibly common in the state, especially near the tail end of the summer months. These thunderstorms often lead to tornadoes, but most of them strike in the southeastern corner of the state, as that section of the state is in what is known as Tornado Alley.

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