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Ohio is located in the American Midwest and is a part of the Great Lakes region of the United States. For thousands of years the area has been the home of several different Native American tribes including the Iroquois, the Wyandots and the Miami, though more have come and gone throughout the centuries. After Americans settled in the area in the 18th century, the state grew into a major manufacturing powerhouse with cities like Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati making up the majority of the state’s manufacturing income.

Because of the manufacturing powerhouse that Ohio became, the state grew by leaps and bounds. Economic expansion up until the 1970’s was incredible, with many cities expanding nigh daily. Due to its location near the Great Lakes, it was easy for many cities to ship their goods through the canals across the United States and even into Canada, though today many cities that were manufacturing powerhouses have had to switch gears due to many manufacturing jobs going overseas. Today the state’s economy is based on agriculture, tourism and high tech industries.

Ohio is a typical Great Lakes state in terms of its climate – during the summer months, average highs across the state keep up in the high 80’s, while lows typically drop down into the 50’s overnight. However, during the winter months, snow is common, with high temperatures barely getting out of the 30’s and lows often in double digits. To make matters worse, Ohio is the site of many tornadoes, despite not being a member of Tornado Alley, but most of them stay in the southern portion of the state and are only limited to a few months out of the year.

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