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Oklahoma was originally Indian Territory allotted to the displaced Native Americans from the southeastern United States; in 1889, however, the United States government decided that it was no longer Native American territory and opened it up to American settlers in what is now known as the Oklahoma Land Run. And it was exactly that – people lined up in a giant line and then literally ran to stake their claim on a pre-determined plot of land. It is currently one of six states that make up what is known as the Frontier Strip, along with Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

Oklahoma is typically described as nothing but plains and flatlands; this, however, is not the case, as the state has a total of three full-on mountain ranges going through it. The Ouachita Mountains, the Arbuckle, and the Kiamichi mountain ranges can all be found in Oklahoma. Its highest point is Black Mesa, which sits at 5,000 feet above sea level (and still lower than Denver, Colorado), while its lowest point is the Little River, which sits at just 289 feet above sea level.

Oklahoma is also unique in the fact that it has many different ecological niches as well as several different climate zones. The Southwest Tablelands sit in the northwestern corner of the state; these are characterized mostly by desert. Moving south, you will see the Plains, which are simply that – flat plains as far as the eye can see. These sit primarily in the panhandle, which is actually a part of the Great Plains of the Midwest. Central Oklahoma is home to many different forests, lakes and streams, which would make just about any outdoor enthusiast happy.

During the summer, typical daily highs in the state vary, though on average you can expect temperatures to stay in the mid-to-upper 80’s; obviously this can change as you move from one area to the other. Lows often drop into the upper 60’s during the summer, and winter months bring a lot of cold weather and snow, with highs reaching into the mid-to-upper 40’s and lows often dropping below freezing overnight.

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