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Oregon is an incredibly interesting state, bordering on just amazing. Separated by the Cascade Mountains, the western half of the state is typically green, with lots and lots of rain coming down during any and every month of the year. Weather systems coming down from eastern Russia and Canada typically shower the state with cold weather and rain, though in the winter snow is not incredibly common – at least not an incredible amount of snow.

Oregon is perhaps best known for its quirky attitude, its musical diversity, and its microbrews. Let’s face it, you haven’t really been to Oregon unless you’ve had a taste of at least three microbreweries in the state. Most are located in the western half of the state – this is where the best and freshest water is found and the best hops and barley grow, making it an ideal place to brew. On the western half of the state, however, the state is primarily desert; but it’s not like any typical desert. It lies to the north of the American Southwest, which consists of sand and dirt and sun. However, because of its location just east of the Cascades, this side of the state receives a ton of snowfall during every summer.

If you’re looking for things to do in Oregon, you aren’t looking hard enough. It’s not difficult to find something fun to do in the state no matter where you are. During the summer, the Waterfront Blues Festival comes to Portland, located just minutes from the Washington border. At the festival you will hear the most amazing blues and jazz bands from all across the country, as well as a smattering of local bands looking to make it big.

Oregon is also the home of Crater Lake National Park, which offers tourists and residents alike the stunning vistas and forests that Oregonians have come to love. But the real draw is the microbrews; we spoke about them a bit earlier, but you really need to hear just what those microbrews are. They use only the freshest local ingredients – I can’t name a single one that imports their hops, and the Oregon water is some of the freshest and coldest in the country. Microbrews are a massive income generator for the state as well, with well over 50% of all money coming into Oregon coming from microbrews.

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