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South Dakota is located in the North-Central area of the United States; it sits under North Dakota and the Mississippi River runs almost directly in the middle of the state. This makes for an interesting divide – the two sides of the river are known as East River and West River, and while they are under the same government they are completely different in terms of just about everything. From geography to weather, they’re unique in their own ways.

South Dakota is made up primarily of what are known as the Black Hills, which were the site of a major gold rush during the 1870’s. The mountain range is also the home of Mount Rushmore, which has served as an unofficial symbol for the state. Aside from the Black Hills South Dakota has four different land regions: the Drift Prairie, the Dissected Till Plains (which can also be found in North Dakota), the Great Plains and the Black Hills (which we’ve touched on already).

The Drift Prairie is actually located primarily in eastern South Dakota; mostly made up of low hills and lakes it was first discovered by French traders in the late 17th century. This area is not as heavily populated as other areas, though, such as the Dissected Till Plains, which are packed with hills and streams, making settling in the area almost ideal. The Great Plains, located in the southern part of the state, are like every other state with a part of the Plains: flat and full of grass.

The Black Hills, which we touched on earlier, take up most of the western part of the state and actually run into Wyoming. It is the highest point between the Rocky Mountains and the French Alps – not even the Appalachian Mountains can boast a mountain as high as Harney Peak. Gold and silver run abundant in the Hills, which in the late 19th century caused the area to grow at an alarming rate – it was the site of the Black Hills Gold Rush.

During the summer months the average daily highs in the city top out in the low 90’s during the day, with typical overnight lows dropping into the low 60’s. Weather is moderated by the Black Hills; mostly, the western portion of the state receives most of the rainfall, with the hills blocking much of it in the east, leaving the eastern portion of South Dakota drier than the western half. During the winter, however, snow is fairly common throughout the state, with average highs only reach into the low 50’s and lows often dropping below freezing.

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