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Vermont is quite an interesting place; for instance, it is one of only five states (outside of the Confederate States of America) to declare its independence from the United States, and at the time there was no fuss – they were just allowed to do it. Granted, they came back, but still, that’s interesting to know.

During the summer, Vermont’s average highs across the state hover in the low 80’s, but most of the time the temperatures are in the upper 70’s; overnight, these lows drop down into the mid 60’s, making summers in Vermont incredibly enjoyable. During the winter, however, snowfall is relatively common, with average highs in the winter months only getting into the low 40’s during the day and overnight temperatures drop into the low 20’s on average.

Vermont was perhaps hardest hit by the California Gold Rush of 1848; over a third of their population fled the state to seek their fortunes in the west, but whether this was because it was warmer or because they were broke is still to be determined. After gold was discovered again in Alaska and again in South Dakota even more people left, but once the timber industry began to boom in Vermont the state’s population began to pick back up – let’s face it, it’s easier to find a tree in a forest than gold in a pile of dirt. Today, logging is still a crucial part of the Vermont economy, though tourism and agriculture play their roles as well; in fact, tourism is one of the largest income generators for the entire state.

Today, tourism is booming. Vermont has perhaps the highest number of summer camps per capita than any other state in the United States except maybe New York and California, though that’s only because there’s so many people in those states and Vermont doesn’t have a huge population. Outdoor enthusiasts also enjoy Vermont, due to the fact that there are so many outdoor activities to do in the state; you can go hiking, fishing, skiing, boating, yachting…pick your poison, and you can find it in Vermont.

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