About Antique Car Shipping Services

Antique Car Shipping ServicesAntique cars are cool. Whether you’re an automobile aficionado or not, anyone can appreciate a nice-looking roadster or a Packard Phaeton as it’s tooling down the highway. And while antiques come in all manner of conditions, from pristine to broken, antique car shipping services are still a part of the industry today. This means that there are always going to be ways to find antique car shipping services. But there are also some things you should know about shipping an antique car if you want to get the best experience you can.

Is antique car shipping hard to find?

Antique car shipping won’t be hard to find so long as you’re looking in the right place. Really, any company that says they ship cars can handle an antique because all it is is an old car. An antique can fit on a standard open carrier (well, it almost always can, anyway), but many times antique car shipping needs to be handled with more care. This is why enclosed shipping is often recommended when shipping an antique car. Whereas an open hauler exposes its cargo to the elements (and road conditions), an enclosed carrier does not. It completely protects the vehicle from the environment and road hazards such as rocks and dirt as well.

However, enclosed auto shipping services come with a higher cost than their open counterparts. This is because enclosed trucks are mostly used for high-end vehicles. Cars such as antiques, sports cars, luxury cars and exotic vehicles use enclosed shipping more than anything else. And as you no doubt can infer, there’s not nearly as many of those on the road as standard daily-drivers. And most people don’t need to ship a standard car with an enclosed carrier. So with less demand comes smaller market share, which means fewer enclosed trucks on the road. This leads to higher prices for those that need their services, as well as slightly longer wait times for dispatch and pickup. We recommend speaking to an agent to learn more.

Can I get quotes for antique car shipping services?

If you are interested in antique car shipping services, we can help. Most every car shipper will be able to transport them. And while an open carrier is the standard method of shipping a vehicle, antiques often require an enclosed carrier. As such, quotes for antique cars that need enclosed auto shipping will be more expensive than an open hauler. While we cannot give quotes over the phone, you can call us any time at 800-384-1253 for help. Our agents can answer questions and get you on the right track for your shipment. You can also fill out our free form to get quotes emailed to you. You will want to mark your vehicle as “other” in the make section, then speak to their agents about what you’re shipping. Either way is a good way to get quotes for shipping a motorhome, though.

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