Auto Shipper FAQ

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What is a broker?

A broker is a company that handles all the shipping information and gets your car shipped. They deal with trucking companies so you don’t have to, letting you deal with some of the other things that you need to do. What a broker will do is get all the information they need about the car (pickup/destination, year, make, model, etc) and pass it along to the trucking company. Then, they’ll get all of the trucking company’s information (insurance, etc) and finalize the pickup date for you. For this service they charge a nominal fee (usually $150). While this may seem like a lot, it is nothing compared to some of the trucking companies. The broker makes sure that you are not being gouged by companies looking to make an extra buck.

Is a pickup date guaranteed?

Not usually. Because the industry is route-based, it may take some extra time to get to your vehicle, especially if you live in the middle of nowhere, away from major freeways. What most auto shippers will do is give you a window for pickup. So, if you want your vehicle picked up on July 10th, the shipping company will probably give you a window between July 9th and 12th. This also gives the trucking companies a break because things happen and they can fall behind schedule (although this is uncommon). Be wary of companies that guarantee a pickup date, because you could be left holding the bag.

Can I ship an over-sized vehicle?

Of course! If your vehicle is bigger than any standard car/truck/SUV, it is imperative that you inform the company that is shipping your vehicle so they can secure an appropriate mode of transportation. If you’re vehicle has any modifications that affect the overall size or weight, mark that down and let the company know ahead of time. This is important because if you do not tell the shipping company about your 4-inch lift kit (which makes it impossible to ship on a standard 10-car carrier), you will be charged more money because you misrepresented your vehicle.

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