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Alexander City is a city located in Tallapoosa County, Alabama; according to the official US Census Bureau estimates conducted in 2005 the population of Alexander City stood at over 15,000, making it one of the larger cities located in Tallapoosa, though it is not the county seat. It is perhaps best known for being the headquarters of the Russell Corporation, who make Russell Athletic Apparel. Alexander City Auto Shipping is easy to arrange.

Alexander City was incorporated in 1872 and was originally known as Youngstown, Alabama – Youngstown was named after its founder, a man named James Young. In 1873 a railroad finally put Youngstown on the map and the city began to flourish. By the turn of the 20th century, however, Youngstown had been renamed to Alexander City – the name came from the president of the first railroad company to come to the town, who was also a Civil War hero who had fought at the battle of Gettysburg.

During the summer months the average daily highs in Alexander City top out at around 91 degrees during the day with typical overnight lows dropping down to around 70 degrees. These temperatures are a little higher than what you normally see in Alabama, though still well within average; winter temperatures stay average as well, with typical highs topping out at around 60 degrees during the day and lows dropping to 43 degrees on average overnight.

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