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Anchorage is a city located in the US state of Alaska, and it is actually a consolidated city-borough in the state (meaning that it is its own borough – Alaska does not have counties, but boroughs). According to the last official US Census Bureau estimate, which was taken in 2008, the population of the city was over 279,000, which makes it the largest city in the state as well as the 67th largest city in the entire United States. Anchorage auto shipping services are easy to find.

Anchorage was originally founded in 1914 as the main construction port during the building of the Alaska Railroad. At the time it was nothing more than a makeshift camp with a few buildings, though as more and more workers began to settle in the area the camp became a town, and then the town became a city. Anchorage then became a major player in the transportation and military industries; Merrill Field, a major military airport, was opened in 1930, and the Anchorage International Airport was opened in 1951.

Despite its reputation for cold weather and snow, it really only snows in the fall, winter and spring months. During the summer, average daily highs in the city reach into the low-to-mid 60’s during the day, with overnight lows dropping down into the low 40’s. During the winter, however, is when things get really cold, with highs reaching into the high 20’s during the day and lows often in the single digits – and sometimes below zero.

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