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Austin is a city located in Travis County, Texas; it is also the capital of the entire state of Texas. According to the official US Census, which was last conducted in 2000, the population of the city was over 743,000, which makes it the fourth largest city in the state of Texas and the 15th largest city in the United States. It is also considered the cultural and economic center of the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is the fastest growing metropolitan areas not only in the state, but in the entire U.S.

Austin was first founded by settlers looking for a good farming area on the banks of the Round Rock River in 1830. The city grew quite fast, and it was quickly chosen to be the capital of the Republic of Texas, and it remained so even after Texas was admitted into the Union. Austin has long been known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” with many famous musicians including Stevie Ray Vaughan having either grown up in the city, or else had their big break while playing there.

During the summer months, the average daily highs in the city top out at around 93 degrees, while overnight lows typically drop down into the mid-to-upper 70’s. Like most other desert cities, the winter months can be drastically colder than its summer counterpart, with average highs during the day reaching 50 degrees at best and lows dropping into the mid-30’s overnight.

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