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Baton Rouge is a city in as well as the parish seat of Easton Baton Rouge Paris, Louisiana; according to the last official US Census Bureau estimates, which were gathered in 2008, Baton Rouge is the second largest city in the state of Louisiana as well as the 84th largest city in the United States. Baton Rouge also sits as the primary city in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has a population of over 729,000 residents.

The French originally settled in the area of Baton Rouge back in the middle of the 17th century and it remained French pretty much until the Louisiana Purchase back in 1803; however, American influence on the city at the time was heavy, and by the time of the American Civil War the French influence on the city had waned. It was a major Confederate stronghold during the Civil War, and while the city was all but cut off by the Union blockade, Baton Rouge’s journalists helped keep the war effort going by publishing slanderous odes to many Union generals. After the war, the city found manufacturing, and it has maintained a strong manufacturing base into the 21st century.

During the summer months the average daily highs in the city reach into the mid to high 90’s during the day, with typical overnight lows dropping down into the mid to upper 60’s. During the winter months, however, average daily highs in the city reach into the mid to upper 60’s during the day, with typical overnight lows dropping into the low 50’s.

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