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Houston, believe it or not, is currently the largest city in the state of Texas; currently, the city is home to over 2.2 million residents, which not only makes it the largest city in the state but also the fourth largest city in the United States. Houston also sits as the county seat for Harris County, Texas, and it is at the center of the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, with over 5.7 million residents. Houston auto shipping is an easy process.

Houston was first founded by two brothers in 1836; originally it started as a simple settlement where the brothers could farm and work the land in peace. However, more and more residents began to see Houston as a great place to settle down, and the city quickly grew – after just a year, the city was incorporated. The city was named after the first president of Texas, Sam Houston, and after just a few years the city boomed into a major port and rail city, and became the center for trade in the burgeoning area. In 1901 someone struck oil in the city, turning Houston from a shipping city into a major oil producer. It is now home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which is the home of the Mission Control Center. Now the phrase, “Houston, we have a problem,” makes a bit more sense.

Houston, like so many other cities in Texas, is located wholly in the desert. During the summer months, average daily temperatures top out at around 93 degrees, though many days the temperatures hit above 100; overnight lows drop to around 72. During the winter, daily highs top out at around 50 degrees while lows drop to below freezing – extremely typical of a desert city.

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