Automobile Shipping-Alabama

Throughout Dixieland, there is one state that shines above the rest: Alabama. Not for its origins as a good-old-state, but rather because of where it lies and the people who live there. If you’re still thinking about automobile shipping to Alabama, read on and read all about this great state.

Alabama is bordered by Georgia on the east, Florida on the south, Mississippi on the west and Tennessee to the north. It’s known as the “heart of Dixie,” and now you know why, because it lies right in the heart of “Dixieland,” or as some other people call it, “The Deep South,” where their ways of life are still as strong as they were 150 years ago. So call your auto shipper today and get ready to move to Alabama!

Still not convinced? Well, I don’t blame you, I mean you haven’t even heard all the fun stuff you can do in Alabama! Ok, let’s face facts here. Until around the end of WWII, Alabama (just like other southern states) was stuck in the mires of poverty. But, despite its low economic ratings, it grew up and became a powerhouse in the region, mainly by transitioning into a more manufacturing state as opposed to one based solely on farming. Nowadays, Alabama is one of the nations leaders in aerospace technology, education, steel and textiles. If that doesn’t convince you on your plans to call an auto shipper and get your automobile shipping started, I don’t know what will.

Alabama is a self-described beautiful state. Its average statewide temperature is only 64 degrees! Now, the further south you go, the hotter it will be, but due to the Gulf of Mexico’s influence over the region, this is normal and to be expected. A lot of rain falls in Alabama, especially in the north, where the clouds are blocked by the Appalachian Mountains. But these are the reason most people who live in Alabama stay in Alabama, and when you decide on automobile shipping to the state, you’ll stay there too.

Did you know that Alabama has more thunderstorms than any other state in union except Florida? The state gets between 70 and 80 days of thunderstorms per year, often including hail and lightning, and the state ranks 7th in the number of deaths related to thunderstorms. But, it’s better than Kansas…actually, Alabama shares the record of most F5 tornadoes per year with Kansas. But, don’t let all this talk dampen your spirits about calling an auto shipper to get to Alabama, because any person will tell you, it’s the best place to live.

Alabama really is a great state to live in. It’s full of wonderful things to do, people to see, places to go, that you won’t even worry about all the bad weather. If you are interested in shipping your vehicle to or from the state, feel free to look at our auto transport company reviews! We do comprehensive research for all the companies we’ve reviewed. You can read about them, visit their websites, talk to their agents, and find the right shipper for your needs. So no matter where you’re shipping from and to, let Automobile Shipping Quotes help you find the right shipper for your needs.