Automobile Shipping – Wisconsin

Wisconsin is actually kind of odd; it has been a part of the United States since the end of the American Revolution, though it wasn’t actually admitted as a state until 1848, and before it was a state it was actually much larger; if the Northwest Ordnance hadn’t been drawn up and put into effect, several cities in Illinois would currently be in Wisconsin, including Chicago. Today Wisconsin borders Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois as well as Lake Michigan and Superior. Wisconsin Auto Shipping is easy to arrange.

Originally the state was based on farming and other types of agriculture, though emphasis was quickly put on lead mining and timber production as the state runs rampant with lead and trees (or so it seems). Wisconsin, however, quickly grew into a major tourist destination because of all the wonderfully cool things to see and do (let’s face it, outdoor enthusiasts love Wisconsin), and so the economy has since shifted away from mining and farming and more towards tourism. Like all other states in the Union it also has its fair share of both manufacturing and high tech industries, though these take a back seat still to mining, tourism and farming.

When Wisconsin was first being settled, most of the settlers came from New York and New England. This, in turn, caused Wisconsin’s heavy industry to explode because that’s what the settlers knew how to do; thus, manufacturing took a major spot in the state’s economy. After Wisconsin had been properly settled, for the most part, immigrants from Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands all began pouring into the state, which has had a major impact on the culture of the state.

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