Automobile Shipping – Wyoming

Wyoming is one heck of an empty state. For instance, did you know that Casper, Wyoming is the only city located in Laramie County, which is one of the largest counties in the state? The only city. But that’s OK, because Wyoming has one of the lowest populations in the entire United States, mainly because the land is so inhospitable for farmers and the like. Wyoming auto shipping is easy to arrange.

Most of the state today is based on agriculture, but only in the areas that are currently settled. Mostly, few people own a lot of land, because Wyoming is choc-full of ranchers and cattle drivers eve n to this day. Wyoming was the site of the Johnson County War, which was a small border dispute between two major cattle drivers and free-ranging cattle interest groups (that may not make much sense, but it had a lot to do with cattle apparently). Apparently the major cattle drivers were upset that the free-range cattle groups were moving in, so they started fighting.

Wyoming, despite areas of the state which are difficult to grow food crops in, is actually a fairly large farming state. It is one of the largest components of the economy of the state to this day, despite many different industries moving in such as manufacturing and high tech industries. 91% of all the land in Wyoming is rural, making it perfect for agricultural purposes.

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