Automobile Shipping – Colorado

It’s the dead of night. Freezing cold sheets of wintry, icy snow pelt the body of your brand new BMW. You’re struggling to see out of the white-encrusted windshield, praying to god that the lights you see aren’t a big 18-wheeler about to slide into your precious car. As you make your way down the lonely mountain pass, you see that it’s a small town, complete with a sign that says “Motel-Open 24 Hours.”

You breathe a sigh of relief and pull in, anxious to get a warm bed for the night. The snow licks your face as you walk in, and you ask the bellman where you are. “Colorado,” he says, and gives you a key. And then, he begins to tell you just how much fun Colorado is.

“After you get checked in, mind, you need to see the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. Just talk to Jackie over there at the receptionist’s desk and she’ll point you in the right direction. It’s a right beauty, that train, full of fun stuff to see. All those great big fir trees, and at the end you can go skiing right down the Rockies. You a skier? You look like a person who might want to go down the mountain.”

And you see he has a point. Your friend Jill just happens to know a place where you can get free quotes to ship your car, a website that specializes in automobile shipping and finding people an auto shipper. You begin to listen to the bellman with a bit more interest.

“Glad you can stay a bit, stranger, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Adventure Mountain Miniature Golf tournament, would you? Oh, it’s a right blast, it is, and you’d absolutely love it! Or, if mini golf isn’t your thing, you can always enjoy a day at the Hot Springs Lodge and Pool. And, to top off the evening, you can go to the Aspen Music Festival-right here!-and get some great music in your system.”

It’s sounding better. This automobile shipping thing can’t be all bad, right? Colorado sounds great, and there’s a division of your company that may take you. Just a quick transfer, nothing major. You decide to try it out.

You get to your room and look at the brochure: pictures of people hiking, skiing, hunting and fishing, some of which may appeal to you. You like the outdoors, but not too much, it has to be just right. Well, you think, I can get that in Colorado. There are the bigger cities, but there’s so much vegetation that just isn’t in the big city.

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