Automobile Shipping – Connecticut

You know, Connecticut is a pretty interesting place to read about. But why just read about it (which you can here)? Why not actually go there? Here’s some stuff to see and do before you make your final decision about automobile shipping to Connecticut:

New York State lies directly south of Connecticut, with Massachusetts lying to the north. What’s funny about the New York/Connecticut border is that there’s this little section in Fairfield County that was in dispute. New York said it was theirs, Connecticut said the opposite, and it almost came to blows a couple of times. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed, and New York eventually gave it up, but this was due more toward the fact that the people of Fairfield County thought of Connecticut as home rather than New York.

It’s pretty calm in Connecticut, weather-wise. And by calm, we mean that temperatures are hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but this is a good thing. This means that the Atlantic Ocean is doing its job and regulating the weather patterns that go over the state, but it can still get really cold in the winter. Temperatures in winter can range from (on average) 23-31 degrees, and spring and summer can see temperatures in the mid-80’s and lots of rain. But, this is when the flowers bloom, so automobile shipping to the wet and rainy state of Connecticut does have its advantages.

Did you know that Connecticut’s official nickname is the Constitution State? This is because it’s the first colonial institution to draft a constitution, in 1638. It’s also known colloquially as the “Nutmeg State” because sailors would return from voyages around the world and bring…nutmeg! (bet you got that one) It was once a valuable spice in New England, although it could also be from the Yankee peddlers who would sell small, carved knobs of wood that looked like nutmeg. Who knows? But you know now, and that means you know a bit more about Connecticut, a state that would love for you to find an auto shipper and book your automobile shipping to the state ASAP.

All in all, Connecticut is a pretty laid-back state. There aren’t any big-name sports teams, and there aren’t any overly-large cities. It’s just a small state with cool stuff to do. If you are interested in shipping your vehicle to or from the state, feel free to look at our auto transport company reviews! We do comprehensive research for all the companies we’ve reviewed. You can read about them, visit their websites, talk to their agents, and find the right shipper for your needs. So no matter where you’re shipping from and to, let Automobile Shipping Quotes help you find the right shipper for your needs.