Automobile Shipping – Delaware

Delaware is a nifty state. It’s small, it’s wet, and you would absolutely love it. I’m serious, it’s really gorgeous and there are a lot of cool facts that will be explored in the coming paragraphs. So sit back, relax, and read about the wonder of Delaware, should you be looking for automobile shipping or an auto shipper to Delaware.

Delaware was one of the thirteen original colonies, and it’s known as the “First State.” This is because it was the first state to ratify (approve) the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution of the United States. That makes it unique because it approved-before all the rest of the states-the two pieces of paper that became the law of the land. If you’re not sure about what the Articles of Confederation are, they were the first attempt by the founding fathers to unite the colonies under a central government. It quickly fell apart because the federal government held too little power over the states to make it effective. All the more reason to book your automobile shipping with your auto shipper today.

It’s bordered by Pennsylvania to the North, Jersey to the east and Maryland to the south, and is actually the smallest state land-wise after Rhode Island. What’s cool about Delaware is that the temperatures and the weather differs greatly from the North to the South. It’s generally colder and wetter in the north, and the growing season is much longer in the south (you better book your automobile shipping quick if you’re looking to grow some crops).

Delaware is a great state. It’s the home of one of the four district court decisions involved in Brown v. Board of Education, and it was also the first state quarter to be printed. So if you’re interested in shipping your vehicle to or from the state, feel free to look at our auto transport company reviews! We do comprehensive research for all the companies we’ve reviewed. You can read about them, visit their websites, talk to their agents, and find the right shipper for your needs. So no matter where you’re shipping from and to, let Automobile Shipping Quotes help you find the right shipper for your needs.