Auto Shipping – Iowa

Welcome to the great state of Iowa. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, while corn is all you can see it’s not all that Iowa holds. Here in the Hawkeye state, we are proud exporters of all products pork-related. From Ham to hotdogs, Iowa’s pork products are top of the line. Each and every year Iowa exports over 900 million dollars in pork products. But even with the immense pork empire and your corn-filled vision, farm equipment manufacturing (tractors to be precise) is the main money maker. Racking in over 1.7 billion dollars a year, farm equipment manufacturing is the number 1 export for Iowa.

Interested in more than just the cash crops of Iowa? With the softly rolling landscape and vast openness, Iowa is a sight to be seen. While small-town living is just a memory in most parts of this great country, Iowa still has a strong grip on its small roots past. Pella is a wonderful representation of this phenomenon. The town is best known as the childhood home of Wyatt Earp. His brothers Warren and Morgan were also born in Pella. But be sure to stop in and see the fully-functioning 1850’s style windmill, The Vermeer Mill. It still grinds wheat into flour using only wind power! Or will you be in the area the first weekend in May? Check out the annual Tulip Time festival. You will marvel at the sight of gazillions of tulip flowers of every color of the rainbow. And that’s only 1 small town!

Now not all life in Iowa is “small town”. Des Moines is Iowa’s largest city and home to the 23-karat gold leaf domed Capitol Building. As well as 10, yes 10 golf courses in the surrounding area. Also within city limits are the 400-acre state fairgrounds. With its traditional competitions, agricultural exhibits, and food displays it is sometimes billed as America’s Classic State Fair. Held annually in August, this is a must see when in Iowa.

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