Automobile Shipping – Kansas

Kansas is a state with many things that are both interesting and exciting to think about, though you probably wouldn’t think it. It’s known for its diverse crops and livestock, including wheat, corn, cows, horses…pretty much you name it and Kansas has it. If you’re looking for auto shipping either to or from Kansas, read on to find out some more about this great state.

Kansas has quite a unique geography. On the west side are the plains that flow into the Great Plains of the United States, with the eastern side of the state full of hills and forests. This is actually fairly unique because the land on the eastern portion slopes upward from east to west…though the western half of the state is flat. It’s interesting, but really you should see the state to really appreciate the beauty of it. The state runs along the Missouri River, which actually makes up much of Kansas’ northeastern boundary. From there, the Kansas River marks the rest of the eastern border.

The state enjoys some interesting weather. During the summer, temperatures can get pretty high – expect to run into the mid-to-high ’90s throughout the summer months, with rolling thunderstorms common, especially when summer starts turning to fall. However, in the winter, the temperatures begin to drop quickly, with average highs across the state staying in the mid-to-upper ’40s, and lows dropping well below freezing starting in December.

However, Kansas does have more registered F5 category tornadoes per year than any other state in the union, and Kansas is also notorious for its spring-and-summer thunderstorms. Many storms during the spring end up turning into what is known as “supercell thunderstorms,” which can create an F3 category tornado on occasion. Kansas also has more recorded tornadoes in the last fifty years than any other state in the union except for Texas.

But don’t let these little things cool you off. Tornadoes are usually present only in the western portion of the state – where the plains are, and many tornadoes only touch the ground for a few seconds before lifting back into the air and dissipating, so you don’t have to fret too much about them.

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