Automobile Shipping – Kentucky

Ah, Kentucky, the Bluegrass State. Kentucky is quite an interesting state, full of interesting little tidbits of information about it and some wacky facts to boot. Before you think about auto shipping either to or from Kentucky, it’s always a good idea to figure out just where you’re going, so read ahead to see what Kentucky has to offer.

It is home to the world’s most extensive cave system, which is interesting considering that Kentucky is usually considered to be flat (which, for the most part, it isn’t). Also, contrary to popular belief, Kentucky is full of rivers and streams – so much so that it has more miles of waterways than any other state in the contiguous 48 states. It also has more deer per capita than any other state in the United States, and it is the home of the world’s biggest coalfield.

Besides all that interesting geography, Kentucky is the home of the Kentucky Derby, the largest horse race in the US, and is renowned for its production of bourbon (Jack Daniels). Bluegrass music, which is probably one of my favorite genres of music, originated in Kentucky, and Kentucky is also known for its broad Country music scene as well. In addition to these interesting facts (see, we told you Kentucky was interesting!), Kentuckians are proud of their college basketball teams as well as their auto manufacturing plants.

Kentucky actually borders many different states: West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, with the Ohio River making up most of its northern boundary while the Mississippi River flows freely on its western border. Kentucky is also the only U.S. state to have an exclave – in other words, there’s a part of the state that actually isn’t connected to the rest of it. This exclave is actually called the Kentucky bend, and most maps don’t even show it because it’s so small – however, if you’re looking for auto shipping to the Kentucky Bend, you don’t have to worry; it’s still a part of Kentucky…it’s just on the outside looking in.

Kentucky itself is split into five distinct regions: on the east is the Cumberland Plateau, which is a fairly well-known name. It borders the Great Plains a bit. To the north is the Bluegrass Region, while Pennyroyal Plateau sits in the southwestern part of the state. The Western Coal Fields and the Jackson Purchase make up the rest of the state on the west side, and each region in Kentucky has its own unique geographical features. The Cumberland Plateau is typically flat, since it borders the Great Plains, while the Bluegrass Region is known for its bluegrass (hence the name). Both the Western Coal Fields and the Pennyroyal Plateau are also full of plains, though they are not as flat as the Cumberland Plateau; also, only the Western Coal Fields produce coal (imagine that!).

Kentucky resides in a humid, subtropical climate zone, which means that it’s pretty warm all year round. The weather patterns in the state can change at a moment’s notice, from rain to hail to sunshine…all in a matter of hours. Kentucky is one of the few states that actually experiences all four seasons in their extreme: summers are blisteringly hot, spring is full of rain, fall is cold and windy and winter yields huge snowfalls across the state.

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