Automobile Shipping – Maine

Maine is quite an incredible state, full of a rich, vibrant history and a unique geography that you really don’t get to see outside of northeastern New England. It originally became a state in 1820 as a part of the Missouri Compromise. Before that, however, Maine was an exclave of Massachusetts, though Massachusetts really didn’t care that it was gone so they gladly gave it up. Throughout the years Maine has always had a low population, and today it is the state with the least amount of people per square mile east of the Mississippi River; the state is ripe for tourism.

Maine is full of beautiful trees – forests upon forests of pine trees. Not only that, Maine is also well known for its amazing coasts and coastal towns, which is why tourism plays such a heavy role in the state’s economy. There’s something for every outdoor enthusiast in the state, whether it’s snowmobiling, skiing, cycling, boating, hiking, camping…you name it, you can do it in Maine.

The weather is also gorgeous. True, it can get pretty hot in the summer time – usually highs during the day top out at right around 90 degrees, though overnight lows often drop precipitously, with average lows dropping to around 65 degrees. The winter, though, is perhaps the most beautiful time of the year to be in Maine: there’s a ton of snow. If you like snow, you’ll love Maine.

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