Automobile Shipping – Maryland

Maryland, believe it or not, is actually the second richest state in the United States in terms of household income – the median income in the state is $61,000, which is incredibly high in today’s economy. Maryland has long been a border state between the northern states, with major focuses on manufacturing, and southern states, which focus on agriculture; the state actually has elements of both. Maryland is also made up of two distinct regions: Central Maryland, which is much more urban, and the Rest of Maryland (which is actually its name), which focuses mostly on agriculture.

What’s interesting is that Maryland is a hub for technology in the Mid-Atlantic region; it currently has over 350 biotech firms that call the state home. This is due to its location; it borders Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, which makes the state a huge shipping hub as well as a major technology hub.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about Maryland is the fact that Washington D.C. is not a part of it. Many people do not know that D.C. is its own separate district, though the land that D.C. was built on was given to the federal government by the state of Maryland.

It is also known for its unique weather. During the summer months, the state sees relatively high temperatures, with highs usually topping out at around 87 degrees during the day and lows dropping to around 65 degrees overnight. Winters, however, are cold, with high temperatures topping out at around 40 degrees on average with lows hitting below freezing overnight.

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