Automobile Shipping – Massachusetts

Massachusetts has had perhaps the most influence on our nation’s history. From the first battles of the American Revolution to the Boston Tea Party and beyond, Massachusetts is steeped in rich history and a wonderful atmosphere. Read on to see what Massachusetts has to offer should you be looking for auto shipping to or from the state.

The state is known for its hot winters and cold summers. Like Maine, which was at one point a part of Massachusetts, the state has relatively hot summers, with daily highs topping out at around 90 degrees and lows dropping to around 68 degrees overnight. During the winter, however, things get cold fast, with average daily highs topping out at around 45 degrees during the day to well below freezing overnight. Snow during the winter is common, as is rain during the spring.

Massachusetts is also well known for its tourism. Sailing and yachting are incredibly popular, especially off of the coast and particularly off of Cape Cod. The state also has many places to hike, with verdant forests growing all over the state. It is also full of small mountains that provide endless winter entertainment, such as skiing and snowmobiling. Fishing is also incredibly popular in the state; whether its fly fishing in one of the state’s many rivers, or going off the coast onto the Atlantic, if you’re a fishing enthusiast you’d be right at home in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts has also been in the news in recent years for two huge acts of legislation: first, the passage of civil unions has forced the hand of many other states to accept the institution, and the passage of a statewide healthcare bill by then-Governor Mitt Romney was a huge boost to many residents living in the state.

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