Automobile Shipping – Michigan

Michigan is one of the most varied states in the entire union, and if you’re looking for auto shipping either to or from Michigan, read on to see what lies in store for you.

In terms of geography, Michigan is quite diverse. It is bordered by Ohio, Indiana, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Wisconsin, and what’s interesting is that Windsor, Ontario, Canada actually lies below the northern border of the state despite being in Canada. It is the only place where a part of Canada is south of the United States, and the state has over 38,000 square miles of Great Lakes within its borders and another 1,300 square miles of lakes and rivers that feed into the Great Lakes.

It is split into two different, distinct regions: the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. The Upper Peninsula is full of forests and mountains, with the Porcupine Mountains lying in the Upper Peninsula. They also create the watershed for all the tributaries that flow into Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. The Upper Peninsula is actually larger than Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Delaware combined, though only about 30,000 people live there.

Switching gears, the Lower Peninsula takes up over two-thirds of the entire state, though it is devoid of any major geographical features. Most of the state’s largest cities reside in the Lower Peninsula including Detroit.

We spoke a bit earlier about just how much water there was in Michigan. From the Great Lakes to the many rivers and streams that dot the landscape of the city, rivers and lakes and streams are everywhere…but very few are actually navigable for any length of time. But, the cool thing is that the furthest away you will ever be from a river or a lake is just six miles.

Michigan lies in what is known as a humid continental climate. Mostly the summers are hot and humid while winters are cold and snowy. Average daily highs in the state top out at around 87 degrees during the day, while overnight lows drop to around 68 degrees in the summer. Winter highs hit around 42 degrees at best during the day, with overnight lows often dropping below freezing, bringing with them lots of snow.

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