Automobile Shipping – New Jersey

At the time when the United States was just getting off its feet, the representatives of New Jersey decided to jump the gun a little bit and try to get into the new club first. However, Delaware beat them, so New Jersey ended up being the second state to join the United States after the Declaration of Independence was signed. New Jersey is full of interesting tidbits just like this, so if you’re interested in auto shipping to New Jersey, please read on to see what lies in store for you.

The first settlers to actually settle in New Jersey were not British, as many believe, but Swedish and Dutch. The area was eventually found and exploited by the British colonists and both the Dutch and Swedish governments were pushed out of the area by the British by the turn of the 18th century. By the time of the American Revolution, the New Jersey Journal had become the leading publication in the colony, and during the American Revolution itself, it was the only publication that provided relatively up-to-date information about what was happening during the war.

New Jersey turned into a major manufacturing state after the turn of the 19th century and has continued to be one of the foremost manufacturing states in the entire union. It was a major player in the industrial revolution during the 19th century, and due to its location at the center of the Boston/Washington D.C. megalopolis, it continues to be the place for manufacturing in the United States.

New Jersey’s population density is rivaled only by New York City, which it borders, but because of this, it lacks any major water reservoir system, meaning that most of New Jersey have to have its water pumped in from the surrounding area. During the summer months, droughts are common throughout the state, but therein lies the irony: the state is surrounded by water, whether its lakes, rivers, streams, or even the Atlantic Ocean, and flooding is relatively common as well.

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