Automobile Shipping – North Carolina

North Carolina, one of the 13 original colonies, is an incredible state to visit or to live in. Whether you’re looking for a variety in the geography, or if you’re a sports fan, or if you’re a fan of NASCAR, North Carolina has something for you. So read on to see if auto shipping either to or from North Carolina is right for you.

Before we delve too deep into the state and its many things to do, however, let us say a bit about the weather there. On the coast (because North Carolina is against the Atlantic Ocean), the weather is usually humid but not incredibly hot; if you’re in the mountains on the western side, however, it’s going to be really hot and really rainy, which is more typical of the region that it is in. While the state is separated geographically into three distinct regions, only the coastal region has a completely different weather system.

As we said, North Carolina is split into three regions: the coastal region, which lies against the Atlantic Ocean and actually takes up about half of the state; the Piedmont region, which sits in the middle of the state, and the Appalachian Mountain foothills, which run along the western edge of the state. The state borders South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia as well as the Atlantic Ocean. North Carolina also has a fourth, unofficial region as well: the Outer Banks, which is a series of small islands set off the coast of the state and actually help to block some of the major hurricanes that can brush against the state as well; most tend to dissipate and turn into tropical storms after they pass over the banks.

The Outer Banks is actually where the original colony of Raleigh was founded in 1588, though the colony was lost. The only thing that the colonists left behind was a single word carved into a tree: Croatoan. Many theories have come and gone, but perhaps the most believable is that they were absorbed by other native tribes in the area.

North Carolina is home to many different military bases, including Fort Bragg, which is the largest military base in the entire United States. Bragg is home to the XVIII Air Corps, the 82nd Airborne Division, and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. North Carolina is also the home of Pope Air Force Base, which is the main military airport and serves Fort Bragg.

NASCAR is perhaps the biggest sporting event in the state; over 80% of NASCAR’s business deals are with companies located in the Piedmont region of the state, and most residents of North Carolina say that they follow the sport. It is also the home of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which is host to one of the largest NASCAR races of the series.

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