Automobile Shipping – Utah

Utah is one of the 50 states that make up the United States of America, and it was the 45th state to be admitted to the union. What’s interesting is that almost 80% of the state’s entire population lives along the Wasatch Front, which is where Salt Lake City is currently located. Because most of the population is centered in just one area, the state is the sixth most urbanized in the United States despite only having 2.7 million residents in total.

Utah began as a Mormon settlement; at the time, it was still a territory, and the Mormons were first exiled out of the eastern United States and then out of the western United States, forcing them to move into the frontier. The first settlers to Utah came in 1847 with Brigham Young, though at the time the area was still controlled by Mexico, though less than a year after they settled it was ceded to the United States before any military conflicts with the settlers could arise. Today the state is mostly barren desert, with most of the population centered in Salt Lake City and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Utah is known for being essentially a huge desert. It has three distinct geographical locations, however” the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin and the Colorado Plateau. Within these geographical regions, tourists will find deserts complete with sand dunes and arid deserts as well as pine forests teeming with wildlife. What’s also interesting is that Utah is one of only three states whose borders lie on both latitude lines and longitude lines.

During the summer months, typical daily highs in the state average in the low-to-mid 90’s; this is typical as most of the city is a desert. Overnight lows during the summer can drop to below 50 degrees, though mostly hover in the mid-to-high 60’s. During the winter months, however, average highs only reach into the low 40’s on a warm day; most of the time, temperatures remain close to freezing.

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