Why Auto Shipping Group?

Auto Shipping Group is actually a conglomeration of four different well-known and highly-regarded auto transport companies that all work under the same basic umbrella. This coordination allows Auto Shipping Group the breadth and freedom to accommodate a wide array of different transportation options for a wide variety of customers. 

As one of the major players in the car shipping industry, Auto Shipping Group is well-known and widely regarded as one of the best shippers out there today. With a high volume of loads and thousands upon thousands of positive reviews, Auto Shipping Group can get your vehicle moved at a good price, in a timely manner, and in a professional way.


How Auto Shipping Group Compares 

Pricing: 3 out of 5 (average)

Age: 8 years

Vehicles shipped last year: 8,000+


How Much Does Auto Shipping Group Cost?

Average Auto Shipping Group Pricing

Florida to California: $1400

California to Texas: $925

Texas to California: $975

California to Florida: $1200

New York to California: $1450

Need even lower prices? 

Auto Shipping Group offers the following discounts:

  • Senior citizens
  • Military members and veterans
  • Dealerships
  • Students


Auto Shipping Group at a Glance

Company Snapshot

MC#: 600841

DOT#: 2239008

Company type: Broker

Bonded?: Yes

Insured?: Yes

Years in operation: 8

Services Provided

  • Open and enclosed transportation
  • Overseas transport
  • Classic vehicle shipping
  • Motorcycle transportation
  • Trailer shipping
  • Recreational vehicle shipping
  • Boat transport
  • Fleet shipping


Why We Recommend Auto Shipping Group

They are a group of companies

This may seem a bit strange, but really, it’s a big positive – they have four different transportation companies under their belts, all working together to make sure that your shipment gets handled in a timely and effective manner.

But more importantly this allows them to lower their prices for their customers since they have four different companies all that can work on that order. This also results in a much larger staff, which means more people to handle more customers and higher shipping volumes.

This really helps when it comes to finding a carrier that can move your vehicle because they have the resources of some of the largest freight forwarders out there today, regardless of the industry. When you have four different entities all working together to get your vehicle moved, you know that you’re in good hands.

They offer shipping for fleets and other large orders

Something that Auto Shipping Group does, perhaps better than most other companies, is their ability to handle large orders.

Fleet managers have a difficult enough job without adding the logistics of adding more vehicles to their fleet, or having to relocate vehicles already in their fleet. Auto Shipping Group makes it easy for fleet managers to ship large quantities of vehicles without much hassle. 

Many auto transporters can handle multi-vehicle shipments, but they often have a limit on how many vehicles they can effectively handle at once. Auto Shipping Group, with its large group of companies and carriers, can take care of even the largest shipments with aplomb.

They have almost no bad reviews

And perhaps the biggest takeaway from all of this? After eight years, they have less than 20 bad reviews across all major review platforms. They are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau as well as five stars on all other major review sites.

What does this mean? Well, it means they’re good at their job! Eight years is a long, long time to be moving vehicles, and that’s a lot of potential opportunities for unhappy customers. But they just don’t have any. This means that they stop problems before they start and they work to make sure any issues are stopped before they even become problems.

Considering how large they are, and how long they’ve been in business, it’s a miracle their review pages aren’t chock full of bad reviews from unhappy customers, because, let’s face it, it’s hard to please everyone. But for eight years Auto Shipping Group has managed to do just that. 

That’s legitimately impressive.


Can You Trust Auto Shipping Group?

Yes. Yes you can. From start to finish, Auto Shipping Group is a company that is dedicated to taking care of their customers and getting their vehicles moved on-time at a great price. They might not be the lowest-priced, but their reputation speaks for itself. We highly recommend Auto Shipping Group.