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Finding good auto shipping rates can be tough, especially in this economy – but let’s face it, if you need auto shipping you need to find the best auto shipping rates you can. But what exactly will you be looking at when you get those auto shipping rates? A price should always come with at least a basic understanding as to why it costs what it does, and in this article we’ll explain some of the different things that can affect your auto shipping rates and what you can look out for to save a buck or two.

One of the largest factors when it comes to determining your auto shipping rates is how far off the freeway your pickup location is. If you’re picking up right off the freeway, your auto shipping rates are going to be a lot lower than if an auto shipping truck has to go out of his way to get your vehicle picked up. This ties into your pickup area as well – if you’re shipping from North Dakota, you’ll be hard-pressed to get your vehicle picked up because there just isn’t any freight moving in or out. Therefore, auto shipping trucks don’t go there, and auto shipping rates into and out of the state are much higher than other states.

Your auto shipping rates depend on where the vehicle is coming from and going to. Lots of people equals lots of people shipping from and to there, so finding auto shipping trucks to find freight is relatively easy. Besides, we’re entering the winter months, which is considered to be the downtime of auto shipping, so rates are going to go down as well. Remember, auto transport is seasonal, so your auto shipping rates are as well.

Winter is the time for snowbirds, so if you’re shipping from the northeast to the south, chances are your rates are going to be much lower – if you’re shipping from the south to anywhere else, your rates might be a bit lower than at other times of the year. It depends on where the truck has to go to and whether or not they can fit the load into the schedule – auto transport rates are usually only good for two weeks, because that’s how long carriers go until they have a completely fresh load.

Your auto shipping rates are going to be highly personalized depending on what you’re shipping, where you’re shipping from and to, how big your vehicle is, how far off the freeway it is, what time of the year it is, whether any major holidays are coming up (auto transport carriers don’t like transporting on national holidays), and probably other factors that we don’t think about because they’re way too obscure and only in the minds of the truck drivers and no one else. We don’t know. But the fact of the matter is that your auto shipping rates involve a lot of different variables, so when you’re looking around, make sure you give all the correct information, because your auto transport rates depend on it. And if you’re depending on your auto transport rates to be accurate, and you need your vehicle moved, it would make sense to read all the fine print, dot all the “i”’s and “t”’s and make sure that you’re in the clear.

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