Auto Transport to Virginia

Auto Transport to VirginiaVirginia is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Home to a population of just under 8.4 million residents, it is a major state on the east coast and a prime automobile shipping location. Auto transport to Virginia is mostly done to and from major cities such as Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake. However, the state has numerous rural areas as well as smaller towns and cities. These can be decidedly more difficult to ship to or from, depending on ease of access, which we’ll discuss in the sections below.

Why Auto Transport to Virginia is popular

Auto transport to Virginia is made much more popular thanks to Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Those cities are major hubs of the Hampton Roads metro area. Hampton Roads stretches up and down the Virginia coast and include several major naval bases and cities (Chesapeake is also in the Hampton Roads area). This makes auto transport to Virginia a lot easier to find because most carriers will be happy to go to that area. This can make rural shipping, especially to the western parts of the state, more expensive and harder to find.

But really it just depends on whether the pickup or delivery location in Virginia is easy to access. For instance, Richmond, one of the state’s largest cities, sits right along I-95. However, Virginia Beach, which is its largest city, sits along I-64. The issue arises with the fact that I-95 is so much more popular than I-64 for carriers due to its route. As such, shipments to Richmond tend to be cheaper than shipments to the Hampton Roads area. That said, most carriers don’t charge much extra, so that helps the cause. However, rural areas can see sharp price hikes due to lack of access from major interstates. Keep this in mind when discussing your auto transport to Virginia prices and services with an agent.

On Getting Quotes for Auto Transport to Virginia

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