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Different auto transportation companies have different methods of auto transportation, so knowing which auto transportation companies are the right choice for you can be a daunting task. In this auto transportation article, we’ll break down some of the different ways auto transportation companies ship the vehicles they agree to ship, so read ahead to find how these auto transportation companies get your vehicle from A to B.

The most common vehicles that auto transportation companies ship are small cars and regular-sized SUV’s – these are the most commonly shipped vehicles, so naturally all auto transportation companies will primarily service those types of vehicles. Those smaller vehicles are shipped on open ten-car auto transportation trucks – the very ones you see hauling all those new cars to dealerships and the like. Most auto transportation companies actually have relatively set prices for shipping those small cars – you can consider that the “standard” method of shipping, if you will.

However, not everyone is shipping a small car or regular-sized SUV. Some people have a vehicle that’s just a bit too tall for the auto transportation truck – they need something bigger. Not all auto transportation companies can handle over-sized vehicles, but the auto transportation companies that have the connections have to find a flatbed auto transport truck in order to haul an over-sized piece of freight. This is because over-sized vehicles just don’t fit on an open carrier, so auto transportation companies have to find a truck big enough to haul it. And this doesn’t stop with 4×4 pickup trucks and lifted Hummers – this extends to things such as construction equipment and things like that. Auto transportation companies contract with big-name construction companies to haul equipment – not very many, but still, those auto transportation companies are large enough to handle shipments like that.

Still other auto transportation companies have the capabilities to handle something like a boat. Boats are notoriously difficult to ship, but some auto transportation companies have the capabilities of doing it. Boats generally are shipped with their trailers on an open flatbed, much like a piece of construction equipment (such as a bulldozer). However, it requires a separate vehicle to tow it onto the truck, whereas over-sized vehicles can just be driven onto the truck. Therefore, boat shipping is generally more expensive than simple oversized shipping.

And, of course, let’s not forget the international auto transportation companies – the few ones still out there. International auto transportation can be a real hassle, so many auto transportation companies simply avoid it – it’s not worth the extra time and effort to try and turn a profit. This is why there are only a few international auto transportation companies out there, and even those don’t ship everywhere. Since all international auto transportation is done via cargo ship, international auto transportation companies can only ship to port cities and countries on the ocean – they cannot ship to land-locked countries. It is always best to talk to several different auto transportation companies to figure out which specific countries they service.

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