Auto Transportation Services

For over twenty years, American auto shipping specializes in transporting automobiles from one corner of America to another at the lowest possible price. Whether you have a car that doesn’t run, a vintage car, or a regular vehicle that needs to be relocated, we provide the safest service at the most economical rates. The best part about American auto shipping is that you can calculate the amount that could be charged by using our calculator, which is free of cost. Within 30 seconds, you will get the quote, you can give your details of vehicle and location of shipment, select the mode of shipment, and that’s about it. Your order will be processed as per your need. We offer the easiest and hassle-free way of getting your cars and motorbikes transported from one state to another.

How Do You Book

All you have to do is call us at our 24/7 helpline number (800) 930-7417, or fill out an online form for transporting your vehicle with all the details. You can find out how much exactly it would cost you to ship your car or motorcycle through our online calculator. If you are okay with the quote provided, you simply place the order. Once you have placed the order, we will schedule your vehicle pick up date and time. We will provide you with the driver’s name, contact number, and pickup/delivery dates and time. Once you confirm your availability, the driver will pick up your vehicle with a prior notice. The best part about this whole process is that you pay the price that we quote. There are no hidden charges or anything that the customer isn’t expecting from the company. Any kind of vehicle is welcome at our carriers. Whether small, large, luxury, broken, as long as its wheels, it would be shipped anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

What Options Do You Have?

There are a few options a customer has to choose from when he is locking the transaction with us.

Door-to-Door Shipping

One of the most convenient transportation required by our customers is door-to-door shipping of in-use vehicles. Regular usage cars are requested for this service since people move to another state and don’t have time or means to drop the vehicle at a terminal. Our trained representatives pick up the car from the requested location and drop it at the required place. It costs a little more compared to terminal-to-terminal transport depending upon the type and size of the car, but it is convenient.

Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

Another important and most economical mode of shipping is terminal-to-terminal shipping, where you leave the car at our terminal, and we take it to the destination location. Once the vehicle reaches its designated terminal, you can come and pick up your car. Mostly when people are changing states, they opt for this service as it is the cheapest way and saves you extra moving money.

Luxury Cars

If you are a car collector or amongst those who have a passion for acquiring vintage and luxury cars, American auto shipping is the best service you can opt for. Our fleet has various options for shipping, including open and enclosed auto transport. Open transport is cost-effective; however, usually, people who are getting their vintage and luxury cars transported don’t go for open transport. They choose for enclosed shipping to ensure the car’s safety. However, we take full responsibility for the vehicle safety irrespective of the method of transportation.

Open Transport

When you first contact American shipping for transporting your car through them, you fill a form to get the quote for the cost. While you are filling to get the estimate cost, you are also asked about which method is most suitable for you to get your vehicle shipped. There are plenty of carriers in our fleet that is either open or enclosed. Open transport is a little cost-effective as compared to the enclosed one. This process is also completely insured as per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Enclosed Transport

The enclosed shipping process is carried out in our even more secure carriers. In this, we use a covered containing truck to ship your car or motorcycle from one part of the country to another. Many people who are transporting their exotic and luxury vehicles use this process rather than open transport. It provides more safety from bugs, outside elements, and extreme weather conditions.

Transport by Rail

It was considered that transporting by rail is the cheapest way of shifting vehicles from one state to another. There are not many routes and timetables available as per the requirements of customers in today’s time to ship your automobile through rail. Moreover, many private shipping companies are charging less for less shipping time for most of the destinations. It’s not advisable for a local customer to opt for rail when the same can be done privately and with better safety measures. Door-to-door is not even possible through rail. Only a private shipping company can provide this service where you wouldn’t have to go anywhere to drop your car.

Auction Vehicles Transport

Some customers buy cars from online auction services. In that case, usually, they haven’t taken a test ride to see if it works properly or not. You need to hire an independent shipping company to pick the car from auction and transport it to your destination. If the vehicle is in proper running condition, it wouldn’t need loading. However, in case of a broken car, you will need to book a loading service along with transport as well. The same goes for vehicles buying from junkyards as well. These vehicles are not in working condition so have to be shipped through a reliable company.

Are We The Cheapest?

As per the pricing strategies going rounds in the transport industry, we can safely claim that we ship at the most economical prices. The price you pay is calculated as per the distance traveled, car size, car type, transport mode, time of the year, and market conditions. It is automated, and therefore, compared to other options, it is the cheapest quote that we provide to our precious customers.

Customer Services

The Customer service provided by American auto shipping is top-notch compared to many other companies. We ensure to provide personal assistance in making up your mind to decide which method you would want to go for transporting your vehicle.

Free Car wash

A free car wash after transporting your car from one state to another is provided with up to $20 per vehicle. Most people go for open transport, which leaves dust on the car that has to be washed away. You can get your car washed, take a picture of the receipt, and send it to our representative. A Check will be sent to you within 5 working days to reimburse the car wash.  

Free Rental Car

If it takes more than days for us to ship your car to your required destination, we provide you with a free rental from pickup to the delivery date.  

Personal Guidance

 While you are deciding to transport your regular use car or motorcycle from one state to another, our representatives are available to guide you through the process. The process is very simple and user-friendly. However, if you require personal guidance, our people will assist you in making up your mind to choose the safest and cheapest method of transport.