How Auto Transporters Ship Multiple Vehicles

Ship Multiple VehiclesMost customers that are shipping a vehicle only ship one at a time. Two is somewhat common as well, though not as much as shipping just one vehicle. As such, it’s not as common for people to ship multiple vehicles at a time. But auto transport services for multiple vehicles aren’t at all unheard of, and many auto shipping companies have the capacity to handle quite a few. There have been orders booked in the past where customers need to ship over a hundred vehicles. So shipping more than one or two isn’t something that can’t be done. That said, here’s a good rundown on how car transport companies ship multiple vehicles.

How auto transporters ship multiple vehicles

As always, it starts with a quote. But when you ship multiple vehicles, it’s important that your quotes are accurate. This requires you to actually call different car shippers and speak to an agent so they can calculate it for you. A single vehicle is fairly easy to price, but multiple cars – especially when you’re getting close to a full load of ten cars – requires some arithmetic. Most auto transporters, though, should be able to quote them accurately so long as they have the pertinent information. But since most quote forms only allow one or two vehicles, you need to call.

But once you book your order with your shipper, they’ll find the carrier or carriers that you will need. And you can ship any combination of vehicles on any kind of carrier. For instance, if you’re shipping two cars you drive daily and a few classics that stay in your garage, say. The daily drivers can ship on an open auto transport truck, but the classics may need an enclosed hauler. Note that if this is the case, it’s doable, but scheduling is an issue. As such, if your order needs multiple carriers, it’s best to talk to your agent and see what kind of pickup window you are looking at.

Can I get quotes to ship multiple vehicles?

If you are interested in quotes to ship multiple vehicles we can help. Most every car shipper will be able to transport them – the biggest question is how. As such, to get quotes to ship multiple vehicles, you’ll definitely want to give us a call. While we cannot give quotes over the phone, our agents can answer questions and get you on the right track for your shipment. You can also fill out our free form to get quotes emailed to you within minutes, if you’d prefer. Please note that any additional vehicles will need to be quoted over the phone by the companies that send you quotes. This is simple enough, though, considering every quote you get will have contact information for that company.

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