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All auto transporting companies can handle domestic shipments – that is, all auto transporting companies will ship from anywhere to anywhere in the contiguous United States. But not all auto transporting companies handle shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, and even fewer handle international shipments. At the end of the day, it’s important to know which auto transporting companies are which, and which auto transporting companies will be able to help you, should you be looking for any type of overseas shipping. The auto transporting companies that advertise with us will be able to ship your vehicle to Alaska or Hawaii, but for international shipping you may be harder pressed. However, we still think it’s important for you to have all the facts, so we’ll cover it anyway.

Auto transporting companies that handle shipments to Alaska or Hawaii typically all handle the shipment the same way. All auto transporting companies, when preparing your auto transport quote to Alaska or Hawaii, will first determine where the vehicle is coming from and how much it will take to get it to the port. Alaska shipments go through the port in Tacoma, Washington (or Seattle, which is just north of Tacoma), while all shipments to Hawaii go the port in Long Beach, California. Therefore, the price depends on a few factors: how much it will take for the auto transporting companies to get it to the port, and how much the port will cost. Most all auto transporting companies handle all the money in a port shipment, but it is much more expensive because the auto transporting companies have to cover all the port costs – so you don’t have to.

Be prepared to have the title of the vehicle or some other proof of ownership before your vehicle is picked up. Most auto transporting companies don’t need proof of ownership for shipments overland – however, federal law mandates that all vehicles going overseas – even to a U.S. territory – has proof of ownership. Some auto transporting companies don’t handle many overseas shipments, so believe it or not it is a common problem when shipping overseas – just be sure that you have it so you don’t encounter problems when the vehicle gets to the port.

Once it goes through all the different steps to get it onto the ship, the next step that the auto transportation companies will take is to sit back and wait for the vehicle to be delivered to the port at the destination. This is because there’s not much else they can do while the vehicle is in transit – it’s on a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean, so there’s nothing that anyone can do anyway. You will be notified by your auto transporting company prior to any pickup or delivery, regardless of if you’re there or not – most times, customers aren’t at the port for drop-off or pickup, but it’s always nice to be informed ahead of time.

For international shipments, it works pretty much the same way. Depending on where you’re coming from, the auto transporting companies will hire a domestic carrier to take it to the port – which port depends very heavily on where the vehicle is eventually going to. For instance, most northern Europe shipments will ship through New York or Boston; South American shipments and southern Europe shipments will usually go through Florida. But other than that, the process is virtually the same as shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, as the method is no different.

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