Automobile Transport FAQ

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What should I look for in an automobile transport company?

This is a loaded question. There are many automobile transport companies in the world, so how exactly do you know whether or not they’re good? Well, here are some tips to make sure you go with a reputable company:

  • Check them out with the Better Business Bureau. Make sure that the company is reputable and there are no (or few) complaints against them.
  • Check their contract. Note their cancellation fees and policy. Some companies rely on cancellations to make their money; however, this is illegal and if you’re not careful you’ll only be helping them evade the law.
  • Ask questions. If a company is distant with you and doesn’t want to talk with you, then chances are they’re trying to scam you. A reputable company cares about its customers and will answer any questions you may have.

What is open transport?

Open transport is how many automobile transport companies transport vehicles. An open carrier basically is a giant truck that can fit between 8 and 10 cars. Open transport is generally the best way to transport your vehicle from point A to point B because not only is it common, it is cheap and easy as well. Automobile transport companies generally have contracts with hundreds of open transport trucking companies that will help you get your car moved cheaply and quickly.

Enclosed transport, on the other hand, is different than open transport in the fact that it’s enclosed. This means that instead of being open to the elements like a car on an open transport is, it’s housed in a trailer that has four walls, a floor and a roof. However, enclosed transport is not as common as open transport and is more expensive. Generally, if you have a nice car you would want enclosed transport.

Is cheaper better?

Not always. Cheap definitely sounds better, but usually the quality of service you recieve isn’t the best. Cheap for cheap is generally the rule of thumb. The cheaper the rate, the cheaper the service that you’ll recieve. That’s why McDonald’s isn’t terribly expensive, but your local $20 per plate restaurant is. But even then, that’s not true. You’ve probably been to dozens of high-end restaurants, blown enough to spend on a new Porsche, and still went away with that awful service taste in your mouth. Right?

Well, in automobile transport, the same thing goes. If you want the cheapest possible rate, prepare yourself for long waits until someone will pick your car up. This is a common problem in the world of automobile transport. People looking for the cheapest price, then when they book with that company their car doesn’t move, and up the price goes (or up the temper goes).

This industry is route-based, as you probably know. Some routes are cheaper than others, and other times route prices can go up due to weather. A company that prices the same no matter what doesn’t take this into account, but the trucks that haul your car sure do. If you book with a company that gave you too low a price, no truck will want to pick it up. However, on the other hand, if you spend too much, you may be overpaying by hundreds of dollars.

Another trick that some companies will do is price low and then gouge you for more. This is called bait-and-switch, where the company will offer an insanely low price and say that that’s the total price. But, when you call them up, they say that it is the total price unless you want door-to-door service and your car to be insured. This is a cheap and illegal way to make money, but they get away with it all the time, so be careful. You want to find a company that will price your car to move. What this means is that they are middle of the road in price (generally), are nice, friendly and know a lot about the industry and are well-known.

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