Can I Ship a Non-Running Vehicle?

Ship a Non-Running VehicleMany carriers have no problem trying to ship a non-running vehicle. But when you ship a car, a non-running vehicle can refer to a number of different things. Keep in mind that auto shippers typically drive the vehicles they ship up onto their trucks and secure them into place. So a non-running vehicle is any vehicle that cannot be driven up onto their truck. This can cover a host of problems, from no wheels to a bad starter to a gutted vehicle. But they’re mostly all shipped the same way: with a winch.

But how do carriers ship a non-running vehicle?

Okay, so in the face of brevity we say again: they ship a non-running vehicle with a winch. Now, there are some stipulations: first, it requires the vehicle has wheels. We’ll discuss a bit about those that don’t here in just a minute, but for now let’s stick to those that do. So long as a car can roll it can be winched onto a truck. It’s basically just a machine that slowly cranks the car up via a steel cable. Basic stuff. Some are more complex than others but they all do the same thing. A car with no wheels, though, can’t be winched. This may require…well, more creative means of getting it onto the truck. We recommend speaking to an agent to learn more about how carriers solve this particular problem.

Something we need to mention right now is that not all carriers actually have a winch. You’d think that it’d be required, but the truth is it’s an aftermarket addition that can cost a pretty penny. Car haulers don’t just come equipped with them so a trucker has to buy one if they want to haul non-op vehicles. As such, to offset that cost as well as the extra time and labor that goes into using that winch (and also maintenance), carriers charge more to ship a non-running vehicle. How much depends on the condition of the vehicle and other things, so talk to an agent to learn more.

Can I get quotes to ship a non-running vehicle?

To get free quotes to ship your non-running, take a minute and fill out our free quote form. It should only take a minute or two. Oh, and before we forget: if the make and model aren’t in our quote form, we have an option to select “other.” Then, when you get your quotes in your email, you can call the company that sent you your quote. From there, you can talk to a live human being. Explain what it is you’re trying to ship to a real representative and they can quote you right over the phone. You can also contact one of our agents any time at 800-384-1253. We can’t give you a quote ourselves but we can answer questions and take your information to get you your quotes.

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