Can I Ship an Oversize Vehicle?

Ship an Oversize Vehicle

In today’s fast-paced world, people need to get around. More than that, though, people need to get stuff around. Logistics has always been a part of being a human being. Whether you’re getting goods to a shop to sell or you’re moving to a new location, people need to move things. Big things. Part of that includes shipping vehicles. Cars, trucks, minivans, SUV’s, motorcycles, ATV’s – they’re all vehicles and they can all be shipped. But different vehicles require different types of shipping services to accommodate them. And some vehicles are so big that a standard carrier cannot haul them at all. So they need something big enough to ship an oversize vehicle.

How do carriers ship an oversize vehicle?

Most of the time an oversize vehicle is shipped via a flatbed vehicle shipping truck. These are great in that they can haul a wide variety of vehicles without having to deal with too many logistical problems. Standard open carriers can’t haul bigger vehicles as the frame of the truck just won’t allow it. The same goes for enclosed carriers. So flatbed haulers are usually the go-to when it comes to getting oversize vehicles shipped. And when we say “oversize” we don’t mean those vehicles that require an entire armada to move them. We just mean anything that can’t fit on a standard open or enclosed transport truck.

Now, because flatbed transportation is rather specialized, there aren’t a lot of companies that have flatbed trucks. As such, it tends to be more expensive to ship via a flatbed hauler, and it can also take longer to find one. This is just part of needing a flat bed to ship a vehicle on, and it’s something you don’t have much control over. No one does, really – it’s just the results of a relatively niche market after stabilizing. While it’s always good to compare prices and services, you should note that it’s going to be a bit more expensive than a smaller vehicle on a standard truck traveling the same route.

Can I get quotes to ship an oversize vehicle?

To get free quotes to ship your oversize vehicle, take a minute and fill out our free quote form. You can get quotes to ship almost any type of vehicle that has ever been constructed. And, if the make and model aren’t in our quote form, we have an option to select “other”. Then, when you get your quotes in your email, you can call the company that sent you your quote. From there, you can talk to a live human being. Explain what it is you’re trying to ship to a real representative and they can quote you right over the phone. You can also contact one of our agents any time at 800-384-1253. We can’t give you a quote ourselves but we can answer questions and take your information to get you your quotes.

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