Can I Ship a Car with No Wheels?

Ship a Car with No WheelsShipping a car, on the whole, is generally pretty easy. However, it gets complicated when the vehicle has issues with it. The most common issue that carriers run up against is a vehicle that can’t run. That’s an easy thing to work around, but it’s much harder for them to ship a vehicle with no brakes. This is because they drive the vehicle onto and off of the truck to load and unload it. If it doesn’t run, the carrier can simply winch it up onto the truck instead. But this still requires the vehicle that they’re shipping to have wheels on it, to be able to roll. And if your vehicle can’t roll, that’s a problem.

How do carriers ship a car with no wheels?

Well, they can’t just drive them or winch them onto the truck, so that’s problem number one. As such, most open and enclosed carriers won’t ship a car that has no wheels or tires. This means that anyone that can haul it is going to be using a flatbed rig. But even then they have to get it up there, which is even more of a challenge. So there’s a few options depending on the state of the car. If it’s on blocks but otherwise complete, that’s a real problem. Dollies can work, though there’s still the issue with loading it. A forklift is also an option, though that would require having one beforehand. Ultimately, the best way to ship a car with no wheels is to talk to an agent. At the very least they can let you know if they can or cannot and why.

So…can I get quotes to ship a car with no wheels?

You can certainly try. If you fill out our free form, you’ll get multiple quotes to ship a car is the fact that are absolutely free.Your quotes are generally for open auto transport services. This is often the cheapest and most cost-effective method of transporting a vehicle today, especially if you’re shipping door-to-door. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-384-1253. We have agents standing by who can answer questions and help you get your quotes. You can also fill out our free form and submit it to get quotes emailed to you within minutes. However, with a vehicle that has no wheels, it’s best to call in and talk to an agent.

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