How Car Shipping Quotes Are Calculated

Car Shipping Quotes

Car shipping quotes today are much safer and more secure than in times past. The industry has changed and evolved rapidly over the past couple of decades, mainly thanks to the internet. The power of the internet has transformed the industry into one of the most reliable logistics industries out there. Car shipping quotes are more reliable, better calculated, and today it’s never been easier to ship a car. But through all the technological changes, how car shipping quotes are calculated has remained pretty much the same. New tools, same old formula.

So this is how car shipping quotes are calculated

It starts with your pickup and delivery locations. When getting quotes just the cities are important; once you book your order is when you’ll need specific addresses. But where you’re shipping from and to form the backbone of your quote. It gives the shipper a good idea of the distance and they can use that to calculate your base. From there, they incorporate what kind of vehicle you’re shipping. Larger vehicles that weigh more tend to cost more for carriers to ship. This makes them for expensive for you to ship. Many vehicles are standard size, though, so this usually has less of an impact impact on your prices than your pickup and delivery locations.

Another factor is whether you’ve requested enclosed shipping or not. Enclosed shippers are not as common as standard open carriers, so they’re more expensive. Most vehicles don’t need to be shipped enclosed, but if your vehicle is rare or valuable it may be worth the additional cost. After that comes the time of the year you’re shipping in. Summer shipping tends to be easier, but certain areas can get jammed up with more customers than carriers. This results in price hikes since carriers can pick their loads and competition is lessened. During the winter, though, freight on even the most popular routes is scarce, which tends to result in lower prices along most major routes.

How can I get free car shipping quotes?

If you are interested in free car shipping quotes just fill out our free quote request form. It’s free and easy and really won’t take more than a couple of minutes to fill out and submit. But, it will get you free quotes emailed to you from some of the best car shipping companies in the industry. We know they’re among the best because we make sure of it. We check them for dependability and reliability, we make sure they’re licensed and bonded. Also, we make sure that they work only with reputable and reliable carriers. This way, you know you’ll be in good hands no matter what. And if you have further questions or concerns, you can speak to one of our agents any time at 800-384-1253.

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