Car Shipping to San Diego, California

Car Shipping to San Diego, CaliforniaSan Diego is a major city and the county seat of San Diego County, California. Car shipping to San Diego is quite popular – the city is home to over 1.4 million residents, and its beautiful beaches and weather attract new residents every day. San Diego also has a major naval presence, which means there are a lot of servicemen and women shipping cars to and from the area. As such, many carriers like routes that take them to and from San Diego. This tends to result in lower prices for you as well as faster transit times.

Why Car Shipping to San Diego is Popular

Many carriers like San Diego because of its size. Size is a big factor in auto shipping popularity – the bigger a city, the more demand it will typically see from customers. If there is high demand for transportation services to or from an area, it will attract more carriers. San Diego is one of the largest cities in California, which itself is the largest state by population. Couple that with the nice weather and generally laid-back demeanor, and California is a popular relocation location. And it’s popular throughout the year, too. This means that no matter when you’re shipping to San Diego, you should be able to find a carrier at a reasonable rate.

But it’s not just size that makes a difference – it’s also ease of access. Car shipping to San Diego is made much easier by the fact that it sits along both I-5 and I-8. Now, I-5 is a major north-south interstate that services the largest cities in the west coast states. Cities such as Seattle, Portland, Sacramento and Los Angeles all sit along it. I-8, though, is a bit different. I-8 is an east-west interstate that runs out of San Diego and connects with I-10 south of Phoenix, Arizona. However, I-8 is still popular as it gives carriers options – take I-10 into Los Angeles, or I-8 into San Diego. Either way, carriers have an easier time getting to southern California, which results in faster transit times and lower prices.

On Getting Quotes for Car Shipping to San Diego

To get free quotes to ship a vehicle to or from San Diego, California, fill out our free quote form. Some of the best companies in the industry will email you quotes within about an hour. They understand what it takes to get a vehicle moved and are at the forefront of the industry today. We make sure every company is five-star rated, fully licensed and also bonded. More than that, though, we also make sure they only work with top-rated, licensed and insured carriers. This is part of what makes us so good at what we do. Of course, if you have questions or concerns you can contact us any time at 800-384-1253.

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