Car Transport to Chicago

Car Transport to Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the most popular automobile shipping locations in the United States today. It is home to over 2.7 million residents in the city proper and ten million across its metropolitan area. All these people make finding car transport to Chicago easy, fast and affordable. This is mostly because auto shippers like to run routes to and from big, sprawling cities and metropolitan areas. Chicago has numerous bedroom communities that surround it and is one of the main transportation and logistics hub in the Great Lakes region. It is no surprise that Chicago is not only one of the largest cities in the nation, but also one of the most popular to ship a car to or from.

Why Car Transport to Chicago is Popular

The reason why large population counts make for more popular shipping locations is the basic idea of location, location location. Car carriers need to go where their customers are, but they don’t always know who’s where and what’s popular. The auto shipping industry is transient by nature, and which cities have lots of customers and which don’t changes on a near-daily basis. Since carriers can’t keep up with how quickly things change, they hedge their bets and try to find routes through the biggest cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas. This way, even if they don’t know for sure if they’re a customer in Chicago, there’s likely to be one in one of the bedroom cities. So carriers can still make money even if they’re going into an area blind.

But even going into an area without knowing for sure there’s going to be a load waiting isn’t always bad for a carrier. They use the interstate highways to get around, and there are more than a few in Chicago. Interstate highways make things faster and easier for carriers, and many times they run through cities regardless of if there’s loads there or not. So if a carrier is passing through Chicago on I-90, not only do they have access to loads in Chicago, they also have access to other cities along I-90. This makes the entire route that much more affordable, and it makes car transport to Chicago a lot more popular as well.

On Getting Quotes for Car Transport to Chicago

To get free quotes to ship a vehicle to or from Chicago, Illinois, simply fill out our free quote request form. Some of the best companies in the industry will email you quotes within about an hour. They understand what it takes to get a vehicle moved and are at the forefront of the industry today. We make sure every company is five-star rated, fully licensed and also bonded. More than that, though, we also make sure they only work with top-rated, licensed and insured carriers.. This is part of what makes us so good at what we do. Of course, if you have questions or concerns you can contact us any time at 800-384-1253.

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