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Why Cruise Control Auto Transport?

If there’s one thing that Cruise Control Auto Transport is top-notch at it’s their customer service. If you look at reviews for Cruise Control that’s a recurring theme in almost every single one.

As a smaller company, Cruise Control has the ability to handle the customer service aspect with aplomb. More importantly, their pricing system always gives the most up-to-date and current prices as quotes are given as customers request them.

This means that while not all prices are going to be rock-bottom, the vehicles that you do book with them will move.

Cruise Control is also quite adept at handling multi-car shipments. With a large network of preferred carriers, the company is able to find quality transporters to haul shipments of various sizes. They also do a great job when it comes to handling irregular shipments such as heavy equipment and motorcycles.

If you’re looking for a quality company that can give you the kind of customer service you feel you deserve, you can’t go wrong with Cruise Control Auto Transport.

How does Cruise Control do it better?

With a smaller staff, Cruise Control is able to better handle customer service and also is able to give a more personalized touch. Representatives at Cruise Control are friendly and eager to help and are able to do it since they don’t have to juggle 50 different customers all at the same time.

More importantly, this personal touch allows them to better explain prices and changes in pricing, especially during unprecedented times like a global pandemic.

This gives customers more freedom in understanding what is going on with their orders and their shipments and allows Cruise Control to manage even difficult shipments with relative ease.

But perhaps more importantly than anything else is the fact that their smaller staff is better able to handle problems because they don’t have to juggle 500 different customers.

With their pricing system, Cruise Control only books shipments that they know will move, which means that many problems, particularly when it comes to scheduling, are solved before they even arise.

There is plenty of information on their website that can help customers better understand how the process works, what to expect when shipping, how long it will take, and more. Cruise Control does a fantastic job of backing up what they say and getting vehicles moved on time and on budget.

What do the reviews say?

Every review that we’ve seen for Cruise Control Auto Transport is stellar. Though we don’t see a lot of them out there, that’s not necessarily a bad thing; rather, it shows that their focus is on customer service at point-of-sale and during the shipping process, and feedback is secondary.

Every review that we looked at says roughly the same thing – the people at Cruise Control are professional, courteous, and helpful. They make shipping a vehicle a breeze and they work hard to ensure that every single customer is well taken care of from start to finish.

There’s no question that if you’re looking for a company with a stellar reputation across the board, Cruise Control Auto Transport is the way to go.

Why American Auto Shipping?

With over 20 years of experience shipping vehicles, American Auto Shipping knows how to get yours moved. Unlike most transport companies out there, American makes sure that their prices are binding, which means they won’t go up.

In fact, American will take less for themselves to ensure that your vehicle gets picked up on time.

They offer multiple levels of service that include a 24-hr pickup option, and like most shippers, they take a small down payment upfront and allow you to pay the rest at delivery.

American also only uses the best carriers on the road, and they offer free rental reimbursements if your shipment takes longer than 14 days from pickup until delivery.

But those are just the facts – what does American Auto Shipping actually do to make them one of the best in the business?

To start, American is one of the most transparent companies in the business. They are always upfront and honest with customers. They boast a quality website that has hundreds of pages all about shipping vehicles.

They provide information about shipping all types of vehicles, from regular cars to big trucks, and they cover all fifty states, including Alaska, Hawaii, and some overseas territories.

More importantly, though, that transparency continues through to their customer service. Their representatives are quickly able to diagnose and solve problems as they arise and they are always in communication with customers – whenever something happens with a shipment, they let their customers know.

How does American do it better?

American Auto Shipping is a leading innovator in the auto transport industry. Unlike most shippers out there, American has a vigorous carrier vetting process.

This means that the carriers they find to haul their customers’ vehicles are at the very top of the industry’s list of carriers. These are carriers that are highly rated by other shipping companies and that have a long-standing history of successful shipments.

They are also honest and up-front with customers. The company has an entire sales team dedicated to customer service. They answer calls in a timely manner and give daily updates to their customers to keep them in the know from the minute they book until the minute their vehicle is delivered.

And while all that sounds like standard, run-of-the-mill stuff, it’s actually not. Car transporters are notorious for lousy customer service, leaving customers in the lurch or pestering them for days and days even after their vehicles are shipped.

American doesn’t do this, and it’s for these reasons that American Auto Shipping is our top choice for an auto transport company.

What do the reviews say?

With almost 600 reviews in two years – and that number continues to climb – the fact that American Auto Shipping is a five-star company is applaudable. Most every review talks about how well they took care of customers and dealt with problems.

Like with most businesses, there are a few bad reviews, but that’s nothing to deter them. There is no pattern of ill-will or wrongdoing from the company. They make it very clear they do not compensate customers for reviews either, and they take the time to respond to every customer.

This shows their dedication to their customers and their willingness to work with them in every aspect of their shipment, from start to finish. If reviews are anything to go by, it’s clear that American Auto Shipping is a top choice.

Why Easy Auto Ship?

To start, Easy Auto Ship is full of people who have years and years of experience transporting vehicles. Over 25 years, to be precise. That kind of knowledge and experience goes a long way to ensuring that you have a quality experience when you transport your own vehicle.

More importantly, what that experience does is allow Easy Auto Ship to handle just about anything that might arise. No matter what the issue, they’ve seen it before and they know how to handle it.

This is great because there are many, many companies that fall short do so because of a lack of experience. Whether it’s low quotes or bad relations with carriers or a lack of understanding of how to solve specific problems, a lack of experience is very telling when it comes to how well they handle problems that arise.

Luckily for Easy Auto Ship’s customers, their problem-solving skills are at the top of the class. This is most easily seen in the fact that their systems and software help support big name websites in the automotive industry including Hemmings and Classic Cars.

This experience allows them to price loads to move since they have so much experience with it already. Keeping up on prices can be a challenge when there are so many routes, but Easy Auto Ship knows how to handle the ebbs and flows of the industry to ensure your vehicle is priced to move.

According to their own mission statement, Easy Auto Ship was built to be a progressive institute for change in the auto shipping industry. They are willing to take bold steps in terms of innovation and are not afraid to approach shipping cars from new angles. This is all to make the experience better for the customer.

How does Easy Auto Ship do it Better?

If reviews are anything to go by, Easy Auto Ship is a master of customer service. And, if you look at their mission statement, this really doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

With almost 200 reviews at the time of this writing, Easy doesn’t have the volume of other companies on this list, but that’s alright – the reviews they do have all have similarities that make it easy to get a gauge on who they are as a company.

Of all of Easy’s top reviews, almost every one of them discusses how easy it was to reach them and how forthright their representatives were when talking to customers about their shipments.

Another commonality among all their reviews is that their prices are competitive without being too expensive. Not only that, but when problems do arise, Easy Auto Ship is able to take care of them in a timely manner.

Combining their expertise, focus on technological innovation to provide better customer service, and their dedication to their customers, it’s clear that Easy Auto Ship is at the forefront of the U.S. auto transportation industry. In an industry that can be construed as unethical, Easy Auto Ship takes the hard road to ensure that customers always get a fair shake.

Because of all of that, we give Easy Auto Ship a glowing recommendation.

What do the reviews say?

If you don’t want to take our word for it, that’s alright – look at their reviews! With almost 200 over the past two years, Easy Auto Ship has been a busy member of the car transportation industry, and there’s one thing that most of their reviews have in common – exceptional customer service skills.

If you’ve ever worked in customer service you know how difficult it can be to keep customers appeased. And no matter what you do, you can’t please everyone, and there’s going to be someone who is not a fan of you or the services you provide.

In the car shipping industry, this is especially so, and judging by what real customers have to say about Easy Auto Ship, they know how to take care of their customers. Whether it’s a difficult route, or they took longer than usual, it seems that Easy Auto Ship is able to keep its customers satisfied even if the unfortunate happens.

Now, you can’t please everyone, and they do have a few bad reviews. A lot of them tend to be the same kind of thing – they couldn’t move the vehicle fast enough and customers got upset.

This kind of thing is something that every car transporter wants to avoid, but sometimes they can’t. The availability of carriers along certain routes varies wildly, especially if those routes are not all that popular.

It seems most of Easy Auto Ship’s bad reviews revolve around not moving a vehicle fast enough, and that’s understandable. But, at the same time, that’s more of a supply and demand issue, and less an issue with the company itself.

We’d highly recommend Easy Auto Ship to anyone, and that’s why we’ve included them in our list of top auto shippers.

Why Mercury Auto Transport?

Simply put, Mercury is one of the largest auto transport companies in the business today. They have made their name as a leader in the industry through quality customer service, the ability to ship almost any kind of vehicle, and, perhaps most importantly, transparency.

Transparency is an important part of shipping cars because this industry can be anything but. Mercury is a company that will tell it like it is. If their prices are too low, they’ll tell you, and they’ll tell you what the conditions of the route is that your vehicle will be traveling along. This way, you know from the get-go what’s going on and what you can expect.

This method yields great results from a customer service standpoint, and it allows them to hone in on pricing errors and fix them quickly.

Not only that but Mercury ships thousands of vehicles every single year. They are a constant presence in the industry and they have made valuable connections with almost every major carrier on the road. This allows them to dispatch vehicles more quickly, often within just 1-3 days. If you’ve never shipped a car before, this is fantastic turnaround time.

And, like with American Auto Shipping, Mercury’s website is tailor-made for their customers to get the information they need before they ever place an order. Knowledge is power, even when you ship a car, and giving customers a firm understanding of what to expect and how things work allows Mercury to better solve problems as they arise and keep their customers happy.

How does Mercury do it better?

As one of the largest companies in the auto shipping industry today, and one of the oldest, Mercury has learned how to handle problems before they arise. Whether that’s communication problems, issues with pickup or delivery, vehicles not moving quickly enough, Mercury has been around long enough to solve those issues before they ever become issues.

How do they do this? By making sure their prices are always up to date and by making sure they only work with top-rated carriers. This is a common theme among the best shippers in the industry.

The best companies out there maintain do-not-use lists for carriers that cause problems. Having this list – and it’s something most top companies do, including every single one on this list – allows them to quickly identify problem carriers and avoiding them. This way, their customers are always satisfied with their shipment.

Mercury is also fantastic when it comes to customer service. They make sure to keep in constant contact with their customers, and it helps that Mercury has a sizeable staff to make this happen.

With time and experience comes growth, whether in life or in business, and Mercury has grown to become one of the largest in the industry. This means that they have the resources to provide customized service for their customers, and this is reflected in the reviews that they receive.

What do the reviews say?

If you look at customer reviews of Mercury Auto Transport, many of them say the same things: they are professional, courteous, timely, and know what they’re doing.

Mercury has hundreds and hundreds of reviews just from the last two years, and thousand more dating back to the early 2000’s. Most all of them are glowingly positive and speak to the company’s commitment to keeping their customers satisfied.

Not only that, but their reviews – or, at least, many of them – talk about the professionalism of the carriers that they find. This is one of those things that are the hardest to handle for auto shippers, as customers often don’t differentiate between the carrier and the shipper.

This is common because most customers don’t know what auto transport companies actually do. They find independent owner-operators to move their customers vehicles, just like everyone else on this list. By keeping an extensive blacklist of bad carriers, Mercury can sift through the thousands that are on the road and only find the best ones that will for sure take care of the vehicles that are on their trucks.

This is why having those do-not-use lists are so important. A top shipping company has to ensure that the carriers they use will provide the same level of professional customer service that they do, and Mercury, like every other company on this list, understands that.

The reviews that you read about them reflect it as well. Not only that, but Mercury is dedicated to following up on their reviews by responding to customers who leave a review, whether good or bad.

This kind of practice shows that taking care of customers from start to finish is of high priority to Mercury, which is one more reason why they make our list of the best automobile shipping companies out there today.