How Does Classic Car Shipping Work?

Classic Car ShippingAre you interested in classic car shipping services? They’re certainly popular. Of course, what constitutes a “classic” car is up for interpretation, but that’s okay. Many companies say that a classic car is anything built between 1915 and 1948; others offer more broad definitions. The simplest way to say it is an older car that you’d rather restore than scrap. Whether this is because of monetary value, sentimental value, it doesn’t matter – a classic car is a beauty no matter the description. As such, you want to take care of it when you’re shipping it, and this requires understanding a bit about how classic car shipping works.

A bit about how classic cars are shipped

So, most classic cars that are worth restoring are worth some money. And, if the car is fully restored, they can be worth a lot of money. Classic cars that are worth a lot of money are usually shipped via an enclosed carrier. These are fantastic because they protect any vehicle they ship from the elements and from hazardous road conditions. Things like rocks and dirt can damage a vehicle traveling at a high speed. And, while damage on a standard open car hauler is rare, it does happen. With enclosed shipping, those risks are minimized by placing the vehicle in a protective trailer. This way, the car stays safe and whole and retains its value.

Can I get quotes for classic car shipping?

Of course you can. If you fill out our free form, you’ll get multiple quotes to ship a car. More than that, the entire process is absolutely free.Your quotes are generally for open auto transport services. This is often the cheapest and most cost-effective method of transporting a vehicle today, especially if you’re shipping door-to-door. However, with classic car shipping, enclosed may be a good idea. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any time at 800-384-1253. We have agents standing by who can answer questions and help you get your quotes. You can also fill out our free form and submit it to get quotes emailed to you within minutes. Depending on the condition of your classic, though, it may be better to discuss your options

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