Flatbed Vehicle Shipping Services

Flatbed Vehicle Shipping ServicesThere are three main types of car transporters on the road shipping vehicles today. And while w’eve talked about open and enclosed trucks, we’ve yet to discuss flatbed vehicle shipping services. These may not be as popular as the other two but are still a necessary part of the vehicle transportation industry. Flatbed haulers typically handle vehicles that can’t fit on a standard open or enclosed rig. These are often large, oversize vehicles like lifted pickup trucks and cargo vans, or construction equipment. If it can’t fit on a standard carrier, it needs a flatbed, plain and simple.

Are flatbed vehicle shipping services popular?

Flatbed vehicle shipping services are popular insofar as people do need them. However, you can’t just request a flatbed the way you can request an enclosed trailer because it’s an on-demand type service. Of course, flatbed haulers will happily ship your vehicle, don’t get us wrong – you can ship any vehicle on a flatbed truck, really. But most of the time you won’t want to because it’s so much more expensive than standard services. They’re usually more expensive than enclosed shipping, which can be 35-50% more expensive than open services. This is why we say it’s used on demand; only the people that really need it should use it.

As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, things that can’t fit on a standard rig need to be shipped on a flatbed. Most of the vehicles that are shipped don’t need it, so there’s not much demand. As such, there aren’t as many flatbed haulers on the road, so finding one can take more time. And it also becomes more expensive due to the limited amount of freight. Couple that with the fact that most flatbed freight is heavy, which reduces fuel economy, and prices go up even more. So flatbed shipping isn’t popular, but it’s necessary. If your vehicle is oversize and you feel you may need a flatbed hauler, talk to an agent. It’s a good idea to get the length, width, height and approximate weight of the vehicle as well. This can help an agent determine whether or not you need flatbed vehicle shipping services.

Can I get quotes for flatbed vehicle shipping services?

If you’re interested in free quotes for flatbed vehicle shipping services, just fill out our free quote form. If you fill it out you’ll get quotes emailed to you from some of the best shippers we know. We make sure they’re the best – it’s part of what we do to help you. Getting free quotes from different shippers allows you to find the right price for your shipment. You can gather a wealth of information and pick the brains of top shipping agents if you contact those companies via phone. This way, you have the most up-to-date information about your shipment from the people who know how to ship it. If you have questions or concerns, give us a call at 800-384-1253 to speak to one of our agents.

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