Why Great American Shipping?

Though a newer company in the eyes of many, the people running Great American Shipping have spent decades in the car transportation industry. It’s no surprise that veterans want to strike out on their own, which is exactly the case with this company. With knowledge gleaned over ten-plus years shipping cars, Great American Shipping has set themselves up for success from the get-go.

Offering a variety of different services, ranging from the standard open and enclosed to the not-so-standard long-distance household moving, Great American Shipping knows logistics and knows it well. This well-rounded approach to transportation allows them to provide flexible prices and time-tables for their customers while also giving them the opportunity to be a go-to shipper for everything that their customers may need.

One of the biggest standouts for Great American Shipping is the fact that they handle recreational vehicles, boats, heavy equipment, and can even ship to other countries. Many shippers will forego bigger or more difficult shipments, as they can be a hassle for anyone. The same is true for international transportation, as it requires more paperwork and navigating red tape than the more simple interstate shipping services. 

How Great American Shipping Compares 

Pricing: 3 of 5 (average)

Age: >1 year

Vehicles shipped last year: N/A

How Much Does Great American Shipping Cost?

Average Great American Shipping Pricing

Colorado to South Carolina: $1250

Kentucky to Florida: $650

New York to California: $1350

Virginia to Florida: $850

Need even lower prices? 

Great American Shipping offers the following discounts:

  • Multiple vehicle discount
  • Senior citizen discount
  • Student discount
  • Military discounts


Great American Shipping at a Glance

Company Snapshot

MC#: 1156966

DOT#: 3503072

Company type: Broker

Bonded?: Yes

Insured?: Yes

Years in operation: >1 year

Why We Recommend Great American Shipping

No money upfront

While a lot of companies may say that they don’t charge any money up front, chances are they still do. Whether the information on their website is outdated, or their policies have changed, most auto transporters will take their deposit or down payment or whatever they call it when you book your shipment.

Great American Shipping, however, doesn’t charge your deposit until they assign your vehicle to a carrier. This is a great way to mitigate risk as a customer – you don’t have to worry about getting your money back just because it took longer than you thought it would. Cancellations are easier both for customers and for Great American, making the entire process less of a hassle and ensuring that refunds are few and far between, another boon for customers and shippers alike. 

International shipping

Something that many auto transporters based in the United States won’t do is ship to other countries. There’s a lot of extra work that goes into it, far more than shipping to just Alaska or Hawaii. From extra paperwork to additional fees and more stringent restrictions, it’s oftentimes a bit too tall a task for most domestic transporters.

Great American Shipping, on the other hand, takes this challenge head-on and offers it anyway. The fact that they are well-versed in transportation enough to provide international shipping services for their customers goes a long way in terms of dependability and credibility. While many shippers would shy away at the opportunity to move vehicles to another country, Great American is dedicated enough to their customers and their needs to make sure they can do it all.

Household goods moving

Something else that Great American can help with is household goods moving, which is something that we’ve seen a few auto shippers dabble in from time to time. 

The fact that they promote this service on their website, right up front on their home page, is promising. Many shippers don’t do household moving because, like international shipping, it comes with extra work that makes it more time-consuming. Considering most just broker the load anyway, oftentimes shippers don’t feel it’s worth it.

Great American, though, once again said they’re up for handling that as well, and have taken to it with aplomb. While we haven’t looked into their household moving services as much as their auto transport services, the fact that they are available is telling, and yet more proof that you can’t go wrong choosing Great American Shipping for all your transportation needs.

Can You Trust Great American Shipping?

Simply put, yes. Though a newer company, their time spent in the car shipping industry learning how it works and, more importantly, what works, and what doesn’t, is what sets Great American Shipping apart from the rest. Their dedication to their craft shows in their pricing, their services, and their commitment to customer service.